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Project Name: National Wildlife Federation Adoption Catalog

One of the fast expanding product lines of National Wildlife Federation’s successful gift catalog included their animal adoption program. This program offers gift-givers an opportunity to donate in a variety of price ranges by choosing to symbolically adopt one of a wide selection of animals. An adoption includes a certificate, stuffed animal and other items based on the level of giving. These adoptions quickly became one of the top revenue producing items for NWF’s catalog program. At the time it was given only two to four pages of space in their gift catalog.

Because of its success, NWF chose to produce a 16-page catalog dedicated to explaining and expanding the program with the hope of generating even more revenue. With more space, NWF was better able to highlight the variety of animals available and keep true to their mission of education about wildlife conservation.

The goal was to show off the animals and make it as easy as possible for someone to fall in love with them and donate. What would seem like an easy purchase became quite complicated because of the many options to adopt any one animal. In addition, NWF had very specific requirements for how to represent wildlife and animal images. They were looking to group them in different categories, such as birds of prey and endangered species, and also highlight those animals that were already selling well.

To meet all the client’s needs, different sections were developed with individual color palettes and design elements. The end result built cohesion with consistent fonts and formatting. NWF was pleased with the way Rob took on the ambitious project and brought it to life. He helped keep the message clear, reach the audience, and get the animals to jump off the page.

Client Testimonial
“Working with Rob always helps give format and cohesion to the ideas I am trying to convey.

I love working with Rob because he goes beyond great graphic design. He works with you to truly understand the goals of the project and highlight what is important. He is able to step back and not only see a great design, but also make sure the message is being delivered.

When we start on a project together, I love when his head explodes with ideas he wants to try. In the end, he is able to edit himself and produce a quality product that stays on point and gets the message across. For years I have counted on Rob to give a marketing plan substance, style and success.”

Anne Zaleski
Production Manager, National Wildlife Federation



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case study
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