What we’re about

We have built a strong reputation and client list of the nation’s business, publishing and high-tech communities. Our policy is to invest in our client’s future through extensive research. We won’t be shy about asking questions. We will in vest in you as much as you invest in us.

Our scope

50/50 design has a proven track record in delivering high-quality design of everything from 4-color ads in a national magazine and sales marketing collateral to handling every aspect of the magazine publishing process. The company works to create high-quality designs that satisfy the client’s business objectives, while delivering fast, cost-effective and friendly service.

We understand Businesses

Our unique approach, philosophy, and ethic of work have proven their efficiency throughout hundreds of projects, resulting in tremendous, long lasting successes. 5050Design Inc.’s clients are proud to work with us. Please feel free to contact any of our past clients.